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launching soon 

Kia ora

My name is Tjarda.  I'm preparing to relaunch the WorksafeReps public online health and safety workshops. 

I'll start with: 

  • initial Health & Safety Representative training
    (2 days including US:29315 assessment)

  • Health & Safety for Workplace Leaders
    (1 day, no assessment) 

  • De-escalation training (half day) 


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about my workshops

I run virtual workshops for Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) and workplace leaders.

I use our excellent WorksafeReps courses to show you what you need to know in a way that makes sense for your role. With a practical and responsive training style, I create a safe and supportive group learning vibe. I help you collaborate with others as you learn, because the best stuff happens when informed people approach problems together.  

You'll need strong internet and a computer with video and audio to join our Zoom call. My open workshops run throughout the year and are designed to include people from any workplace, industry or sector. 


WorksafeReps has been been running health & safety training since 2003.

We're governed by the union-backed Workers' Education Trust, running quality training courses for workers in Aotearoa. Many thousands of kiwis have benefited from our workshops. 

If you're looking for inclusive online workshops, stick with me here at worksense. Connect or sign up to get a notification when bookings are open, or email me if you have questions or suggestions.  

WorksafeReps also run face to face workshops and large work programmes. I'm happy to help you find the most suitable WorksafeReps trainer. 


more about me

Ko Tati te whakapaparanga mai, nō Fryslân aue, engari ko Ahuriri te whenua tupu. Toitū te Tiriti! Kei Te Horo, Ōtaki au e noho ana. Ko Tjarda toku ingoa. 

My ancestry is Dutch and the province of Fryslân is my first home. It's where I got my Frisian name. We moved to Aotearoa when I was six years old and I grew up in Napier. I lived in Te Whanganui-a-tara/Wellington for about 20 years. I now live in Te Horo, near Ōtaki.  

I joined the WorksafeReps team in 2021, bringing strong adult education and employment relations skills from my experience as a union organiser. I have a fresh new postgraduate certificate in workplace health and safety. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and tips with you.   

You're welcome to connect or review my credentials: 

Not sure how to say my name?
In Aotearoa, I say it as "Charda"

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Thanks for your interest.
Let's talk soon! 

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